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Ford fiesta 2011 condenser fan and ac issues

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Hello everyone, Im at a loss here with this thing. I bought this car used recently its a 2011 fiesta ses. What ive noticed is the ac doesnt work at all. ive verified the clutch coming on and off, checked that the system has pressure and freon but no cold air. Things ive noticed is the rad fan DOESNT come on when selecting ac, the high side pipe near the compressor gets really hot after a min or less, the low pipe coming out of the firewall isnt warm and the high line into the firewall was starting to get cold for a few seconds but then quickly goes back to ambient. im lost lol. would the expansion valve stop the condensor fan to not come on? if it was plugged
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Firstly I'm an hvac journeyman. You need to have a set of gauges hooked up to the ports to see what the operating pressures are while operating the ac. Off the top of my head I would say its stopping on high pressure safety because the fan is not operating. For testing only while the ac is turned on, mist the condenser with water to cool it off. If the ac keeps working then you know it was stopping due to the fan not operating.
I will try that. I jumped the pins on the high pressure switch and the fan came on, I ran it for about 10 seconds and the fan kicked off and now the AC clutch doesn't come on at all. Did I damage something or trip something else ? I think there's a blockage in the expansion valve that's where I was pointed. I have a gauge for low pressure. It shows 35 psi and doesn't move with clutch engagement on and off. So frustrating
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