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Hello There
thank you for accepting me to your community,

my name is John and i have been facing an issue with my Wife car and i am unable to find a fault, i will explain in full

My wife has a Ford Fiesta 1.0 ecoboost 2014 model petrol, she had it for the past 7 years and with no issues

Last friday she went shopping (she loves spening my hard earned cash LOL), as she was driving the Dashboard had a " Engine Malfunction service now " sign pop up, also the engine management light has popped up and the orange wrench light also, she drove it about 200 yrds to find a safe place to park, as she parked the car cut out and the car hasn't started since.

i took it to the mechanic who is my local mechanic and he said it was the timing belt, well it has 67K on the clock so could of been that, i stated to sort it out, he obliged as this was his pay day, but as he checked the timing belt was intact and in good condition,

then he stated that there is no Petrol coming through the engine so it must be the Fuel Pump, again i stated to change it to which he did, but that never resolved the issue.

there are no codes coming up other than the fuel pump code, which is new but still ne fuel is going to the engine, he stated that there is no power going to the fuel pump the car cranks beautifully but wont spark

he stated then it must be a Electrical issue, after 4 days of checking fuses , relays also wirings he is on a stand still and cant find the fault

have anyone come across such an issue

please any help will be helpful, the car is still in good condition and my wife loves it, sometimes i think more that me (LOL)

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