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Hoonigan Racing Division have for sale the successful Ford Fiesta HFHV Rally (Rallycross) Car.

The car was built to be used for Rally, Rallycross and Gymkhana filming and was based on a M-Sport build Ford Fiesta World Rally Car.
The car was built in the UK but was updated and fitted with a powertrain to allow the car to compete on Global RallyCross rounds. It can run in both Rally and Rallycross specification (the sale will include the parts to convert the car to Rallycross specification)

The car is currently in Rally spec. It won the Rally of Whangarei 2015 with Ken Block driving.
This car, which featured in the successful Gymkhana series of video's is a piece of Motorsport history.
The engine is a 2000cc Pipo Motors - uprated internal component to manage the 600bhp and 900nm of torque (when using the 45mm restrictor) in Rally spec and running 34mm restrictor the car still produces 350bhp.

We also changed the transmission system for the Sadev Rallycross unit including the uprated rear diff. These increases in transmission specification has made the whole drivetrain very reliable and able to take the extreme driving seen during the Gymkhana filming.

Suspension - Reiger World Rally Car ultra long travel
Brakes - Brembo gravel WRC spec
Suspension arms and links - All M-Sport produced with increased strength spigot upright mounts
Uprights are Fiesta with uprated wheel bearings.
Fuel tank - full safety specification with dry break connections
ECU -Cosworth
MDF display - M-Sport World Rally Car
Wiring harness - full light weight M-Sport
Recaro FIA approved winged seats

This car is basically an M-Sport Ford Fiesta World Rally Car with uprated engine from 1600cc to 2000cc and also uprated Sadev transmission.

Looking at the price of the current World Rally Cars, the car is competitively priced when you consider the specification and unique history.
The car has been rebuilt, transmission, suspension etc and ready to start its next rally

Asking price of £250,000 (the car is currently located in the USA, shipping worldwide can be arranged)
For further information please contact [email protected]

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If I won the lottery i'd still buy it for a half mill. Very nice car, and probably well worth the money if you factor in the car was built from a shell and fabricated to perfection.
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