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Ford Fiesta Zetec S Mountune

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It’s a mark of both Ford and Mountune’s confidence in what they have collectively achieved that both parties are happy to provide us with a standard car to drive alongside the tuned version. If only all tuning companies provided such transparent testing opportunities…

The standard Zetec S is a fizzy and surprisingly keen machine. Its normally aspirated 1.6-litre engine develops 118bhp and 112lb ft of torque and already likes to rev, so the scope for tuning is somewhat restricted, especially if the internals are to remain untouched. So, what constitutes the Mountune upgrade, what are the hikes in power and torque, how does it feel on the road and, crucially, how much does it cost?
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Damn, beat me to it.
I was going to post about this.

That looks just fantastic. Cannot wait to see what kind of potential this car has!
after seeing that car a few weeks ago, I think a white Fiesta is in my future. M Sport also made a white Fiesta, and I liked that as well.
White on white with black headlight housings.

That's my car. :D
White on white with black headlight housings.

That's my car. :D
that makes two of us! I loved my white ZX3, white wheels, black headlight housings, and a mouthy Reiger bumper. I hope that the darker headlight housings will be some sort of an option on the US Fiesta. After next week, I will know how white Axis 5-spokes will look on a Magenta Fiesta. :)
Well your old Focus help solidify my liking of the white on white look.......

If I can't get a color close to Sonic Blue, then white it is.
Ataru, shouldn't you get the Orange Fiesta? So it can match more with "Tails"? :D
Yes, that has been mentioned many times before.......

and if I can see the orange in person and like the look, it is still a possibility.

I've owned 3 red cars in the past and orange is getting a bit close to red for me usually.
White on white with black headlight housings.

That's my car. :D

Here in Euroland the black headlight housing comes on the base Fiesta.

I know a person that works in the plant that is producing the headlight assembly for the N.A. Fiesta. I will see if I can drag out this info, but I doubt they can say without getting into trouble.
I will take a scrap left and right black headlight! Hehe!

Ever since the 99 (98?) Civic Si, I have been wanting a blue car with white wheels. The 2000 Focus blue wasn't what I wanted so I bought white. Few years later, the color I wanted was on the SVT Focus. Argggghhh. My dad bought a black SVT, and I bought that from him, so I missed out on Sonic again. If the Fiesta came in a Sonic blue color, I would get that!
Mmm, I want one.
Looks amazing! I hope ford racing will offer some kind of package like this w a warranty. There's nothing like a factory performance package that lets you keep the warranty.. Wait.. Thats what SVT is for.. Come on Ford! Make us an SVT Fiesta. :)

- mike
Don't think it's gonna happen anytime soon....

Dear Ford.....

Please do not make that gawd awful "Sonic" blue in the Fiesta and ruin it...I don't want to loose my lunch......

Kona Blue maybe....something a bit lighter than that.....
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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