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Did one of my periodic searches for "Ford Cuatitlan" and came up with this nugget:

Ford Mxico arma Fiesta, exportar 85% de su compacto, El Semanario

It's in Spanish, but the gist is that Ford will send 85% of Fiestas produced in Mexico to the US and Canada. I know from a previous article that first year production is 180,000 units. Break it down and that means 12750 Fiestas for the US and Canada each month. Assume that the small-car hungry Canadians skim off 1/3 of that and that still leaves 8000 units per month for the USA. That's much more than I expected and should easily absorb the 4000 reservations they have so far. Raising my hopes that the rollout this summer will orderly and not a mess like PT Cruiser, Smart or Camaro.
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