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Ford's Fiesta, Focus Top U.K. Car Sales

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Ford's Fiesta, Focus Top U.K. Car Sales -

Nice Job Ford!

(If you can't see the entire article, try linking to it through Google News)

Highlights are that Fiesta bumped the Focus out of it's #1 spot and also of interest, the smaller gasoline engines were outselling the diesels.
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The Ford Focus has been the best selling car in the UK since it debuted in late 1998 for the 1999 model year. That streak ended in 2009 though with the redesigned Fiesta taking the #1 spot. I read some statistic last year that like 1 of every 8 or 9 cars in the UK is a Ford Focus. That's pretty incredible! They sure love their Foci and I do too! Maybe when the all new MK3 Focus comes out it will overtake the Fiesta for the #1 spot again.

I sure can't wait till Monday, January 11th. This will officially be known as MK3 Focus Day!
Yeah, I had not realized just how popular the Focus had been in Europe until I read this article. About a 10 year run in the top spot is pretty damn good. My friend has a first generation Focus and really likes it. He and I will be as interested to see what the next gen Focus is like as I was about the Fiesta.
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