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Great News! May Delivery Possible

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Just saw this at the official @FordFiesta Twitter:

@NickMcLaren You'll take delivery sometime between May and Sept--timing depends on when you order at the dealer. ^EA
Twitter / Ford Fiesta: @NickMcLaren You'll take d ...

So that means someone, somewhere will get a Fiesta sometime in May. Which is earlier than what I had expected. It seems to dovetail with the countdown on Ford Fiesta Movement which also points to a date in May.

Of course it doesn't tell us when any one particular Fiesta will arrive but if your order is already in you've got a good chance of having it in the earlier part of that date range.
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That'd be a nice birthday present for myself, picking up my Fiesta at the end of May.
That like saying your trade will be worth between 5K-10K. It's a big gap. I still have job #1 as 04/26/10, so at least 6-8 weeks after that.
Obviously, I still don't know when MY car is coming in but the sooner cars start coming out the sooner mine will get here. It's general Ford practice to release new models about 45 days after job 1 (which would put the first delivery in Mid-June). However, Ford keeps hinting about May. Maybe they've found a way to shorten the 45-day gap.
I'm wondering when demo units will start arriving. I missed the post where one of the SD Agents here invited me to test drive his car.
Unfortunately, everything I've heard says there will be no demo units of the Fiesta arriving before customer cars come in. If you want a test drive before then, the only way to do so would be to get in contact with one of the Fiesta Movement agents. And even they still have Euro cars, they may not get thier US-Spec cars until the rest of us.
Well that's just depressing......:( At least the weather is good (no rain) means I can ride my bike :D
I would not be happy if a dealer gets a row of demo cars while I am still waiting for mine to be built.

I am guessing mid June to early July for my car to arrive, and May being overly optimistic for delivery. It it comes in May, I will be very happy, but not getting my hopes up.

Oh, according to reports I have seen, scheduling for the Fiesta starts tomorrow!
Oh, according to reports I have seen, scheduling for the Fiesta starts tomorrow!


11 MY order bank opens 02/12/10
11 MY Scheduling begins 03/19/10
11 MY Job #1 date 04/26/10
Yup, looks like scheduling time. Will check in with my dealer about this if I haven't heard anything by Monday.
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