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Hello people,

I have a year 2014 Fiesta Sedan made in mexico and sold in Brazil. Here I found absolutely no one who upgraded from Sync 1 to Sync 3 and in global searches, I came to this forum and really enjoyed the content.

The Fiesta SE version sold in Brazil does not have the armrest it has in versions sold in other markets and I was very doubtful how to fit the Sync 3 dual USB connector over the Sync 1 single USB connector.

I would like to thank all the information posted on this topic and on the forum as a whole, which allowed me to perform the upgrade from Sync 1 to Sync 3 on my Fiesta 2014. It took me a while but it worked out.

One thing I did that I didn't find here on the forum was the possibility of using the sync connector without using extension harnesses. I opened the central whip and removed the Sync wires and passed them to the top of the panel. I just needed to stretch 3 strands.

This is my car before the upgrade:


And here, with the upgrade to Sync 3:


And here, it was the way I gave the double USB connector:

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