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Hard plastic dash on China Fiesta

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I've been interacting with a gentleman in Beijing who recently bought a new 2009 Fiesta 5 door hatchback and he absolutely loves it. He said the hatchback outnumbers the sedan by quite a large margin so far. Anyhow, I asked him if the China made new Fiesta received the soft touch dash that the Euro version has and he said unfortunately no. He said it's hard plastic but that it's nicely textured. He went on to say that the Fiesta is very well put together and drives great. No odd noises or squeaks/rattles even on some of the worst road surfaces. I wonder which dash the U.S. version will get?
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There's a comparison of the Euro and China dash materials here:
CarSpyShots - View Single Post - 2008 Ford Fiesta

I predict the US version will be none of the above, but fall somewhere in between the two extremes.
I would guess it will get the cheaper dash, along with cheaper plastic everywere in the interior. The US cars will probably get lighted cup-holders, but a hard plastic dash. :mad:
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