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Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design Steering part

Car Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

Automotive side-view mirror Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Sky Car

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Vehicle Car

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

List of things I've done to it:

Aftermarket spoiler (bought off eBay and painted by Best Body Shop)
Painted black hood, black side mirrors, black gas cap, and added a euro bumper also painted black. The paint is a Honda color. All have sparkles/pearls. (Painted by Austin O'Neal)
Aluminum wheels that I sanded and painted white (originally came with steelies, hope to add some Tarmac or Sparco wheels someday.) - also painted my brake calipers pink.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Vehicle registration plate

Automotive tire Automotive exhaust Asphalt Road surface Wood
Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design Car Vehicle

Off-road/winter tires (forgot the brand, but got them at Discount Tire)
Aftermarket strut bar
Aftermarket spark plug wires (red)
R2C Cold Air Intake w/ heat shield
Hood pins
Evil Energy exhaust (hope to add a Magnaflow one day)
Stock suspension (for now, but hope to add some Koni Reds or Bilstein B6's soon)
Aftermarket NRG wheel (w/quick detach and custom NRG wheel cover)
Mishimoto carbon fiber shift knob (though I own a few shift knobs)
Garage Moon floormats
Leather Seat covers
Heart JDM Handlebars
That's about it for now. He's pushing about approximately 125-129 HP (which is a tiny more than stock which is around 120HP) - and you know, he's certainly not for performance or anything like that. Just a fun little daily. But I say approximately since I haven't gotten it dynoed. He still has the stock 1.6L N/A I4 Duratec and he's still going strong!

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Definitely need some love on the suspension, either ones will be a good choice! How do you like the NRG wheel? Did the interior come in all white? I have never seen that before, ive always seen it all black
I like the wheel a lot actually. It's really convenient and with the steering wheel cover I have on it I don't have to worry about wearing gloves to use it (it's suede). I can take it off when I'm eating or relaxing in my car too haha.
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