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Hello to my old friends, those of you who are still active on this forum and may remember me. A lot has happened since my last visit here over a year ago, I think. Bad and good things.

I still have my 2014 Focus (affectionately called the Fungus). But I still miss my 2011 Fiesta (affectionately called the Fiasco). Those were the days!:)

If Audrey is reading, you may be pleased to know I just sold my beloved Safari Van this past week! I so miss it, but it was time. In it's place I bought a Chevy Tavisty. Nice car but I like my van!

Bought a place out in the country. A cabin atop a small mountain in south Western of New York. Had to buy an Intimidator UTV (750cc) just to get up the side of the mountain to the cabin. No power, no running water and no cell towers. Just roughen it.

I noticed my post are still in the top 15 places. And as usual Audrey is top of the heap. Audrey, how is married life. Hope you're enjoying it. Cobra, are you keeping busy? I was in the Rochester area recently. A nice guy from Webster bought my van.

Hello to all the old timers, Capt'n Mobid, Mach 1, Iceracer, Bondiblue, Dirtyblueshirt, BRGT, eRIC, MK7, aspitaletto, PSIchick. I know I missed several others (please forgive me). I hope you're all still there and are doing well.



PS...this is still the best community forum I've had the pleasure of being a part of. I'm now a member of the forum. If you need help with anything, the experts there are the tops! Come visit sometime.
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