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Help Impact Your Fiesta Options!

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Go to the Fiesta website,, and click on "Your Fiesta" at the top.

You can then help shape the Fiesta by picking the following:
  • Body Style (sedan or hatch)
  • Color (9 to choose from)
    White Light, Hurricane Blue, Tornado, Ultra Violet, Green Apple, Silver Haze, Sunburn, Orange Peel, Blackout
  • Transmission (5 speed or auto)
  • 3 options (from a list of 10)

The three options are the most important because they do list some items that many of us would want on our Fiesta.
  • Turbo Kit
  • Performance Tuned Suspension
  • Sport Tunes Exhaust
  • Full Exterior Styling Kit
  • 17" Polished Aluminum wheels
  • Ambient lighting
  • Capless Fuel Filler System
  • Push-Button Start
  • Sony Audio System
  • SYNC

Be sure you go to the site and tell them what you want and it could impact what kind of options we get on the Fiesta when it arrives here. Who knows, if enough interest is there for the Turbo, maybe it will be an option.....
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I did Turbo, suspension, and push button. I love the push button... I can put on a exhaust myself :p
I built two of them, one orange and the other white. Both manual hatchbacks, performance suspension, exhaust, and turbo. It is better to get those items from the factory, rather trying to convince my wife that I need money to modify my new car. The push button is nice, but I have that in my Mustang, so it is not a big deal for my daily driver. I have like to seen SiriusXM as an option, but not over suspension or go-fast parts.
Ya but push button will be automatic must have manual trans
I am assuming "turbo kit" really means offering the ecoboost at some point. Still, I think they are approaching it the right way. Kia did a really good thing by introducing the Soul with a full parts catalog to go with it....even if it did make the car a bit difficult to order.
I did the turbo kit, exhaust and suspension. I am guessing that it will come with the push start button, SYNC, and the other stuff that all Ford's are already getting. I did a black one with a manual tranny.
I did silver manual with turbo, suspension, and exhaust, but thinking more about it I may prefer the exterior enhancement over the exhaust so long as it was tasteful ala SVT focus.
white manual with turbo, exterior styling, and one more which i completely forgot :(
I built two more today, and I may actually go with the orange instead of the white. The more I look at the orange, the more I like it. I am just not sure how my white wheels will look on an orange car, and I really don't want to part with the wheels or repaint them.
I think the questions they ask at the end are really bad, do I really have to answer them.

I want to see some of these colors in person, some of the colors look different in different pictures.
I think the questions at the end are to see what kind of person you are... gauge who their market is.
I know, but I think they could have come up with better ones. It seems there has to be some middle ground on some of them. Oh well, I will keep picking the options I want and answer their questions differently each time.
who in the hell wears loafers anymore? lol




then gold Work Meisters, whatever FS goodies are available, and window tint :D

too bad there wasn't a 3door hatchback option :(
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too bad there wasn't a 3door hatchback option :(

Maybe we should start chanting and ford will hear? 3DOOR ! 3 DOOR! 3 DOOR!

went w/ 5 door hatch, orange peel, manual, turbo, suspension, body styling and I answer the questions at the end differently every time (i've built it 5 times now haha)

- Mike
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