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How to get a body-in-white?

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I have learned a lot from building my Focus and would love to start my Fiesta project as a clean slate.

If you know what a body-in-white is and you know how I might be able to get one from Ford or a race team please let me know. Thanks! :D
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My dad picked up a body-in-white that was left over at a supplier that used it for mocking up body panels. The body was used to rebuild a totaled S197 Mustang convertible. I will have to ask him how he found the body, but I think it was on eBay or something like that.
contact Ford Racing (800) FORD788. they sell Mustang Body-in-White kits so you could ask them about one for a Fiesta.
Thanks guys. I have an email into FR. I also e-mailed M-Sport and they recomended talking to dealerships. I don't have any friends at a Ford dealership. I guess I just start local and keep asking.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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