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Over at Blue Oval Forums, there's a thread about your dream Ford, with some basis in reality, that has been rather interesting to read. Mine of course is a Fiesta, though I could see the MkIII Focus being appealing and needing consideration. I thought it would be interesting to see some more specific ideas for the Fiesta since we tend to pour over every last part on the cars. We could always come back and reconsider after the NA premier.

I'd start with an Ocean Blue 5-door Fiesta with the 16" 7-spoke EU alloy wheels, US-spec front and rear fascias. I think I'd alter the upper grille just not sure how at this point. US headlights unless their illuminating capabilities are not sufficient in various weather conditions like foggy, rainy nights. Sport suspension, fog lights front (NA housing until I can see it in person) and rear, amber rear turn signals, moonroof, heated and power adjusted EU convex mirrors with turn signals, and a narrowly-spaced dual round exhaust with tame, inoffensive chrome tips (the R32 did this well). Also, larger front disc brakes and rear discs would be a nice addition to reign in added power. That's about it for the exterior.

Inside, manually adjusted heated & cooled (cooled leather on my brother's '03 LS convinced me this is the most underrated interior innovation of the decade) charcoal gray leather sport seats (with silver/light gray stiching stitching) and if a center armrest could be made in an unobtrusive way that would preserve cupholder and console functionality, that'd be nice as well. I'll take the rest of the EU interior layout and features add HD Radio support and Sync. Hopefully AM radio reception is strong--my family's Chrysler products have always vastly outperformed the Fords in this department.

The powertrain is where I'd like to get interesting, with the 1.6L Duratorq diesel tuned to the 135-150 hp range (torque obviously wouldn't be an issue). To handle the torque, I'd like to revert to RWD, but an AWD setup may be the only thing remotely realistic. Either way, a 6-speed manual is the only way to go.

If I had to stick with FWD to prevent huge weight gain, a less powerfully tuned Duratorq would likely return similar acceleration numbers as the Ti-VCT and still return 45-50 mpg consistently. Although, RevoKnuckle may solve the huge torque of a tuned diesel, so that may be nice.

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My "Dream Fiesta" would consist of....
0) 5dr HB
1) 1.6 TDCi diesel engine
2) 5sp manual tranny
3) Euro cloth (standard) seats with the cool looking center "dot" center pattern.
4) Euro front and rear fascias (including rear fogs)
5) A/C (basic climate control system)
6) 15" alloys
7) Dark red metallic paint
8) Black interior
9) Basic center stack (from the Euro version)
10) Euro interior

I'd like the eu convex side mirrors as well. It is a shame that DOT won't allow this excellent safety feature.

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Good catch on my mistake mrbird!

I don't think I'd be really happy with the normally aspriated diesel engine. I'll take the 1.6 TDCi instead! LOL..I'd even gladly settle for the 1.4L TDCi as well. Either way you get AMAZING mpgs with nice amounts of torque..which is what is most useful and most effective in day to day driving!

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Interestingly just a 3 or 4 years back Dearborn claimed that they were going to bring the 2L TDCi engine and offer it in the current MKI Focus. I never understood why they didn't do this. At the time diesel and gas prices were very close and the TDCi is a very clean diesel even before the new standards...It would have been something I would have considered, of course perhaps they knew that the 08+ refresh was so revolting to the import crowd that it wouldn't be "in sync" with the character of the model.

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Actually at that point I believe only the MK5 Jetta was being offered with TDI, for some reason VWoA didn't offer the new Rabbit with TDI , who the heck knows why, it was of course to their detriment that they didn't...

It could have been that VW simply had such a better value that Ford knew they couldn't beat it with the now old MKI Focus either in sophistication or price vs the MK5 Jetta.

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White 5-door hatchback with Titanium equivalent trim package
Aero package
Fog lamps
Projector headlamps
17" wheels
1.6L Ti-VCT engine
Manual transmission
Black leather or possibly blue/silver Individual leather package
heated seats
Auto headlamps
Auto wipers
Auto dimming mirror
Push-to-start with keyless entry
Power windows
Sirius Sat. radio
Capless refueling

Aftermarket parts planned
Short-throw shifter
FSWerks tuned PCM
Axis 17" white wheels
FSWerks sport exhaust
Ghia crest badges
Window tint
Aluminum pedals
Aluminum/urethane lower torque mount

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^^ nice list of options! Id love to get a loaded one, pending the prices of options. Ive never had a truly loaded car because I was never fond of paying thousands for comfort creatures, but who knows, maybe this one will change my mind.

first post by the way, Im waiting till they hit dealers, I want a black one:cool:


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Realistically, my ideal Fiesta would be:

-Colorado Red, Ocean Blue or Vision Blue (leaning towards Ocean Blue, it's a tad understated but very pretty, I just hope we get something similar here)
-Probably base trim to keep the price down
-Zetec S alloys
-A/C for sure
-Power windows/locks

And that's about it really. I'm hoping to get the Fiesta I want for about $16,000...I'll have to sacrifice the sunroof and alloys I imagine (I could always get the alloys later anyway) but everything else should be attainable.

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My ideal Ford Fiesta:

5 door hatchback
1.6 Ti-VCT engine
Dark grey or that awesome looking blue offered on the China Fiesta
Dark grey or black interior
Mid trim level equipped
Cloth seats
Powershift 6 speed automatic
16" alloy wheels
Fuel economy: 30-33 MPG City / 38-42 HWY / Avg:35 MPG
Power windows, door locks, mirrors
Cruise control
Capless refueling

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My ideal Fiesta
Black 2 Door Hatch (Because this car for me won't be for hauling more than 2 people on a regular basis)
Full Black Leather and hopefully Ford doesn't put the off white upper interior color in every car otherwise that will get redone in black in the aftermarket interior shop
Automatic headlamps with foglights
Automatic rain sensing wipers
Automatic A/C
Speed control
6 speed Powershift trans with steering wheel paddle shifters like Taurus SHO, MKS (mainly because I am tired of shifting with a clutch and from everything I have read and heard is that you don't sacrifice performce or fuel economy with this setup
1.6 Liter ECOBoost engine
Power mirrors with power fold and turn signals
Power Door Locks
Power Windows
Pushbutton Start
Tuned Exhaust
Sport Suspensions
Aero Package
Top of the line audio system ( I think its going to be Sony )
17" Wheels ( These will get replaced with Aftermarket wheels shortly after purchase, so anybody that doesn't get 17 and wants to add them for less I will post on here when I am ready to get rid of them, because when I buy the car the PCM,ABS modules and Trans module will all be programmed from the factory for this size wheel and everything will shift and read correctly after the switch )
ABS with Traction control
Sport Tuned suspension
and any other options that I forget except the moonroof only because I hate them because they eventually leak or break the drive assemblies at the worst times.

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Fiesta trim of choice for me would include (must have in fact):
5-dr hatch in Magenta
1.6L I4
Powershift tranny (with manual control but not paddles)
16" wheels alloy (I like the 15-spoke design)
Fog lights (I hope they remain round or at least not over-sized)
Black or dark gray interior
Premium cloth seats, bucket (I like the Euro pattern)
Steering wheel audio and cruise controls
Auto on/off lights
Leather steering wheel and shifter
Heated mirrors
Trip computer
Intermittent wipers (don't care for rain-sensing)
Center armrest with storage bin (even if it's small)
Rear cup-holders
Door (x4) bottle holders
Decent stereo (4 speakers + 2x tweeters, single CD, MP3)
Tilt and telescoping steering wheel
Bluetooth with steering wheel controls
ESP with ON/OFF button
Power windows, doors, mirrors
Alarm system
Manual A/C
Heated windshield wipers (would be nice)

On the side note, I'd like a better arrangement for the rear seats when folded but at least the back of the rear seats MUST be carpeted.

Ideally, I'd like a 1.4L EcoBoost engine, but I don't think it will happen anytime soon if ever.

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I'm simply looking for a well equiped small car with great gas mileage that's fun to drive and has the PowerShift transmission. I do want Ford's SYNC system in my next daily driver. No PowerShift likely means I'll be looking at the new Focus, instead.
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