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Ignore Function

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If anyone is tired of any certain members on this forum, go into the "USER CONTROL PANEL" at the top of this page and go into "Settings and Options" then click on "Edit Ignore List" and add the name of the member you wish to ignore in the box and save. Thats it. Works great!
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You can also just click on the offending members name and open up there public profile and then click user controls and then click on add to ignore list. Maybe if a certain person has a high ignore count the administrator of the board will take notice and action.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! This is really great. I wish someone would have thought of this sooner. Now to get him totally off the forum.
Thanks! I have no idea why he was not just banned, but I will settle for the ignore feature. Until he is gone, I think this forum will continue to loose new members, which is sad.:(
I never new the "Ignore" function was there. Jazzdog actually found it.


Tell your fellow Fiesta Agents about the "Ignore" function and to give us a second chance. This site really needs more traffic to keep it informative and fun.
I will let them know. It would be nice to have Mark come back as he really knows his stuff when it comes to the Fiesta and the auto industry. Joel and Mandy used to be on here as well, and they are some of the few who have actually driven a Powershift equipped Fiesta and logged a year in the EU version. We have lost a number of good people here that had great input. I had really thought about leaving here, but did not want to give up on Ron's forum. FocalJet created so many good friendships and useful tech for the Focus community, and I hope FiestaFaction can do the same. The constant badgering of the US Fiesta, Ford, and unfounded crap really makes it hard to keep posting. I hope threads will start to stay on topic and we can get more members who are excited about the Fiesta and less centered on what and why something was changed. Today is a new day for FiestaFaction!
Hey guys and gals,

Sorry for the lack of quality moderation here. I hear your pleas and we will do something about it.

I am now a moderator on here, so if there are any issues that I do not catch, please send me a PM to draw my attention to them.

I didn't even think there were any moderators. I'm glad to know we've got at least one now. Thanks for volunteering.
Awesome! Jason will do a great job here!
Thank-you so much for volunteering you'll do a great job! I have been a long time reader of this forum and was afraid to join and post because of some attitudes.
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