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Interior Lights Won't Turn Off on 2013 Fiesta SE

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Hi, I haven't driven my car in 4 days. I happened to look out the window today and it looked like the interior lights in the back of the car might be on. I went out to make sure it wasn't just the reflection of the sun because the red light in the back looked brighter than it should be. I opened the door and sure enough, the interior lights were on. I don't know if they went on when I opened the door or if they were already on, but I tried turning them off manually with no luck. Pressing the buttons did nothing. I would think that the manual buttons should have turned them off whether the door was opened or closed. I opened and closed all four doors, the sun roof and the trunk but that did not make any difference. They do now appear to all have turned off after about 30 minutes. The last time this happened, my trunk was frozen open and it appeared to resolve once I was able to get it fully closed. Luckily, my battery is ok and if necessary, I will call the mechanic tomorrow, but I wondered if this has happened to anyone else. I would think the manual buttons should turn off the lights if necessary. Scary to think they might have been on for 4 days. Thanks in advance!
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