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Hi all

Looking for some help and advice on my 2013 ford fiesta mk7 1.5 tdci

So over the last couple of weeks I've have a issue when I start the car FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE DAY ONLY I get a chime and a message come up saying engine low oil pressue. The message goes off so quick you can't really read it I had to slow it down on my phone to see what it said. The oil light goes out after around 2 second after starting the car.

I took it in for a full service and also a diagnostic no codes were found and nothing historical was showing.

The issue stopped for about a week but its come back again when I first start the car on a morning the chime will go off and message comes up then goes out really quick. Some days it doesn't come up at all.

I've been reading online and can't find anything the only thing I found was about the oil pick up but on the 1lt ecoboost engine

So my thoughts are could this be the pressure sensor problem? But why does this only happen on first start up then won't come back on?

Could there be a issue with the oil pick up and if it worth taking the sump off to check does the 1.5tdci have the same issue as the 1lt were the oil pick up can get blocked.

I'm baffled because it doesn't happen every day and the cars running fine no unwanted engine noise no loss in performance just worried because I don't want to cause any damage to the engine.

Hopefully someone can help me out


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