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is posted at Edmunds:

2011 Ford Fiesta Pricing and Information

You can build up any combo and get MSRP and Invoice. A must-have for price negotiating.
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That tool works but if you build any car using a rapid spec package it doesn't add in anything on the invoice price. So if you use this and go into the dealer thinking that is invoice pricing you are going to be way off and disappointed because there is no way that they are even touch that price. If you want to get a realistic invoice price then use this tool and add in the package price that is shown as MSRP for the package and you will be pretty close to actual dealer invoice price. The reason I can say this is because I have my price already and I get D-plan so I get an actual copy of all the information and pricing on the car that I ordered and before you ask I will not share the pricing that I have. I will say that what you see on the pricing tool on the link is accurate as far as dealer invoice on the options that they have invoice pricing on.
I wouldn't use it period, because how the rapid spec packages are set up. I wouldn't mind having leather seats but can't get them without upgrading to 301 which has push button start etc...
I see that it's not complete for every option package. Most likely, the way that Ford does Rapid Specs does not quite translate into Edmunds' system. Anyway, it's better than nothing.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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