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I have assumed this was just an attribute of these cars since buying mine, but as it continues to annoy me over time, I thought I'd ask if what I am experiencing is common. It is certainly something I have never experienced in any other manual transmission car I've owned... I seem to remember hearing at least one other person complain about this.

Often when I am stopped, and try to shift into reverse, it won't go all the way into reverse. If you aren't paying attention, you think that it is in reverse, until lifting up on the clutch produces a scary grinding noise that doesn't stop until you push the clutch back into the middle. Sometimes (maybe around 50% of the time), using more force will get it to go all the way into Reverse, other times it will not go no matter how hard you press, and the solution is to hold it pulled towards reverse while you let up the clutch, then it will pop in as it starts to engage.

I've gotten used to it and always use caution when shifting into reverse to prevent grinding gears. The problem is that whenever somebody ELSE drives my car, they make the same mistake.

Why can't it just easily shift into reverse like other cars? If it is not something that is expected, what do I need to do to seek a warranty repair?
Mine does that going into 1st sometimes. Especially in the morning when I 1st get in it.

I know the shift mechanism is by cable. I wonder if there is some fairly simple adjustments that can be made to the cable tensions?
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