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No stranger to Fiestas here - I have a '16 SFE that I bought new, now with 120K on it; now I've gone and picked up a '16 ST with 59K. I'm a 60 year old guy driving the car of a much younger person :)

I must say I have gotten used to the 1.0's tall gears; 2nd-4th seem all the same by comparison in the ST. Cannot downshift to 2nd at 60 in the ST but the 1.0 has no issue.

ST seems quite a bit lower or shorter than the SFE and I sit further down - normal?

My ST has Cobb tailpipes - aftermarket? What other 'mods' should I look for on the car? Hopefully (maybe) the previous owner replaced the engine mount too!

Wow the shift throw is short and snick-snick, and I thought the SFE was pretty good! Maybe has a short shift kit, or is the throw shorter on the ST?

The dealer filled it up for me and the range says only 250 miles? I know how that works though - what can I expect to get out of a tank? The SFE gets 500 miles to a tank. I should get 350 highway, no?

Got home too late to hoon, but there's always tomorrow!
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