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I have a 2011 Fiesta with manual windows.
I decided to install power windows using this after-market kit,

The install wasn’t too challenging and everything seems to function pretty well.
I installed the switch that came with the kit. I have decided to pursue a stock look so I purchased a driver’s door panel and a factory master switch.

I have not, however, been able to locate a wiring diagram or schematic for the switch. Using a multi-meter and some trial and err I have deduced the pins which control:

1. The rear passenger; and
2. The front passenger window; and
3. The rear driver’s side window.

The quandary that I am faced with is that I cannot find the pins that control the driver’s window. The switch, I assume, has a one touch “auto down” function. I assume this because when the switch activated (compressed or raised) I feel a distinct double “click” that I haven’t noticed with the other switches.

Can anyone point me in the right direction or share some information that might clear this up?
Also what is the purpose of socket A, what is it used for?

This is what I have found with the multi-meter:

SOCKET C (rear windows)
Note: Socket C controls the functionality of the rear two windows only. The child safety lock affects the functionality of only the rear two windows. When engaged, the child safety lock breaks the continuity between pin 1 and 2. Pins 5, 6, 7, and 8 are “directional” leads out from the master switch to the respective door switches. When the rear switch are not active, when they aren’t compressed or raised, pin 4 (ground) has constant continuity with pins 5 through 8. Pins 5 and 6 collectively control rear passenger window. Pins 7 and 8 collectively control rear driver window. Finally, pin 3 is absent from socket C.

- Pin 1 (c) is hot coming into the master switch
- Pin 2 (c) is hot out to the other switches
- Pin 3 (c) is absent
- Pin 4 (c) is ground
- Pin 5 (c) is passenger down
- Pin 6 (c) is passenger up
- Pin 7 (c) is driver up
- Pin 8 (c) is driver down

SOCKET B (front windows)
Note: Socket B controls the functionality of the front two windows. Pins 1 and 4 are “directional” leads out from the master switch to the front passenger door switch. When the front passenger switch is not active, when its not compressed or raised, pin 5 (ground) has constant continuity with pins 1 through 4. Pins 1 and 4 collectively control the front passenger window. Finally, pins and 8 are used.

- Pin 1 (b) is passenger up
- Pin 2 (b) is not used
- Pin 3 (b) is not used
- Pin 4 (b) is passenger down
- Pin 5 (b) is ground
- Pin 6 (b) is not used
- Pin 7 (b) is power
- Pin 8 (b) is not used

Note: I am not sure the purpose of socket A. Pin 3 (a) shares continuity with pin 5 (b) within socket B.

- Pin 1 (a) unknown
- Pin 2 (a) unknown
- Pin 3 (a) ground
- Pin 4 (a) unknown

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The wiring book that I have has these two diagrams in the power windows section. It's for a 2014, so I'm not sure how different it could be. I haven't had to mess with any of this myself so I can't speak from experience, but hopefully this can at least get you closer.

Let me know if you need any other diagrams.
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