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My trip to Ford Motor Company

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I was invited to the 2010 Ford Model Year Drive Event on 7/21. Did a little write-up on my Web site:

Subcompact Culture: The 2010 Ford Model Year Drive Event: Experiencing the latest from Ford Motor Company

Tried to get some solid Fiesta info about the powertrain for the U.S., but didn't get much. Although, one guy who worked for Ford said an EcoBoost Fiesta is "more than just a rumor."

Also, while at the test track, I saw a couple of camoed Fiesta Sedans on the high speed test ring.
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I agree that the Ecoboost Fiesta is more than a rumor, but never heard anything to confirm it while there last month. I have been told that the engine compartment was designed from the beginning to have room for the Ecoboost engine, just in case. After autocrossing and taking the Fiesta to the track, I am starting to think it needs more oomph. I could be holding onto my SVT Focus a little longer and wait and see what is coming. I have never owned a turbo car, and I think it might be my time.
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