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Fiesta Ecoboost 1L 2017, under warranty. After turning on the indicator (right or left), there is sometimes a sharp click/crack, which is sometimes loud enough to make me jump (when I first heard it I thought a stone had hit the windscreen). It is not the normal indicator noise, and it doesn’t happen every time the indicator is used, it sometimes happens immediately the indicator is turned on, sometimes after 3-4 seconds. I took the car into the Ford dealer where I bought it, and they investigated for some time, then said:
“We believe that the noise from the indicator is a normal characteristic of the vehicle as other ford vehicles make a similar sound. There is a release catch in the indicator which could be releasing and causing the sound.”

When I asked why it is inconsistent, and why, if it’s a normal characteristic, it took them days to diagnose, they replied:

“We have compared a good number of other vehicles. The noise you are hearing is a characteristic of a vehicle with this type of switch gear fitted. The inconsistency of the noise can be due to steering wheel/cancellation pin position.”
They won’t “repair” because it’s “normal”. I am not completely convinced of these explanations. I would appreciate any further views.

I found the below earlier thread, which seems to be describing something similar, but the explanations there don’t match: Noise coming from steering column when indicating - NOT...
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