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Old school Fiesta love

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Post some pictures of previous generation Fiestas that you enjoy!

Here's one I like since it's all suited up for SCCA Solo II:

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Hey, I think I recognize that car. I sat with the guy at the banquet table at Nationals last year. :D
id take this one

maybe not that old school yet

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My god that was insane! It just like launched and was GONNEEE!
Here is a great 1979 video of this car and a couple of Escorts on a frozen lake in Sweden. I love it.

Here are pictures of Mk I Fiestas seen over the years at the Pacific Northwest Import Ford Meet held near Portland, OR on the first Saturday in June.


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Mk I meets Mk VIII in Seattle, May 2nd.

Fiesta Movement agents Brad & Emma meet up with Ray Morris for a Fiesta Family Reunion -- 12 second video:
Wow nice job with the pics. The MKI Fiesta just has that simple but beautiful look that many cars in Europe had during that period. I don't know if the car mfr's will ever be able to recapture that look in the future.

I have to say that the MKI Fiesta looks a lot like the similar years VW Polo and VW Golf, whose design was penned by Giogetto Giugiaro.

I also like the previous generation Fiesta style that's been posted above as well.

More pics of well maintained mostly stock Fiestas please!!!!!!
Here are some new meets old Fiesta pictures taken by Brad & Emma at the Pacific NW Import Ford Meet in Hillsboro, OR in early June: PDXshowIMG_0807 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
my current mk2 fiesta project

my current mk1 fiesta project also

also found this one on the net love it
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