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TL;DR Can someone tell me what temp their 1.6L engine radiator fan comes on at when idling? Can someone tell me what their coolant temp measure after highway driving for 10/15 min at 3000 rpms

Hey! I’m new to the faction, this is my first post but I came across this site and it seems cool! I have an overheat issue with my automatic 2011 fiesta. It has a 1.6L in it.
So my radiator fan went bad last week (confirmed by jumping the whole system to battery power, fan inop.) and caused an overheat. Fuse is good, relay is good, wiring is good. Fan works good when I turn the AC on. But it doesn’t seem to turn on without the AC. Maybe im not letting the vehicle get hot enough at idle for the ecu to turn the fan on? Can anyone tell me what temperature their radiator fan turns on at when they’re idling?

When I drive on the highway for about 15 min, I’ll get to around 3000 rpms. I live in Phoenix AZ and the ambient air temp here is upper 90°f. I watch my temp gauge through my scanner and the temp climbs to 214°, 215.6°, 216.4°, 218.2°f and then I get concerned and turn the heater on and slow the rpms down for fear the dash light will come on indicating overheating. My vehicle has 210,000 miles on it with the original engine so I don’t want to push the vehicle temp too high while I diagnose this issue. Last thing I need is a failing head gasket. Can anyone tell me what temperature their fiesta gets too when they’re revving at 3000 rpms of highway driving?

thank you very much for your help!
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