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For a couple of months now I've been having the PowerTrain warning light come on at startup. I took it to Pep Boys, who diagnosed it as a bad crankshaft sensor A and replaced both it and the alternator belt. Light went away, drove fine for a while. A couple of months later, light comes back on when I start it, and eventually I get a CE light as well. I correctly guess the CE light issue to be spark plugs, so I change them and CE light goes away, with the PT warning light still coming on occasionally. I start troubleshooting and initially starting thinking that the cause may be a faulty ECU, so I take it to Ford, who says that Pep Boys forgot to reprogram it after replacing the sensor so they do that. A day later the light comes back on startup. Add another few weeks of troubleshooting, research, etc, and you know who possibly found the real issue? Effing TAKE 5 OIL CHANGE! They proceed to inform me that I have a minor oil leak and a major transmission leak, which to me explains the PT warning light. I have previously had that bullsh*t shuddering issue, which after several months of taking it back and forth to Ford and nearly dying one time when the fiesta failed to get into gear, I manage to figure out that the issue was the clutch. That thing was rusted to sh*t (presumably due to a leaking seal). Sure enough, they replaced it under warranty and voila! Good as new! that is, until I get the following additional issues with the car:
-Failed/burnt out radiator fan B motor
-Tire studs expanding and warping due to the hot son, leaving me unable to remove the flat tire. Luckily, I was able to plug it in place and re inflate it.
-Trunk seal leaking and allowing humidity to build up in the trunk.
-ABS light coming on (that one was my fault. I drove through a puddle. Light eventually went away and car drove fine)
-Battery failure without a dash light or code. Took me and a guy from Auto Zone about an hour to figure it out.

Bottom line, this car is GREAT...whenever it wants to actually work. Unfortunately, I can't get rid of it quite yet, as the car is paid off and me and wife "agreed" that we would only trade it back in if the repair cost was too high, or if it kept having issues after this next fix. Thank you for listening to my rant, and please do not buy this car until Ford actually manages to get it right.
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