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Prototype Vehicle Needed – 2011 Ford Fiesta Hatchback

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Hey guys,
I came across this in another forum and thought you guys might be interested.

Extreme Dimensions is looking for a 2011 Ford Fiesta SE Hatch. We are working in collaboration with Neil Tjin on this project. He has had many award winning vehicles, including 2009 SEMA Design Award for Best GM Vehicle with his 2010 Chevy Camaro. I’m looking for a Ford Fiesta Hatchback owner in the SoCal area, that’s willing to let us use their car for about 3-4 weeks for prototyping. By helping us out, we will give you the new body kit for FREE! Be the first person in the world with this NEW body kit.

714-278-8000 Ext. 25
[email protected]
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If I lived in SoCal, I would be all over this! Maybe they will make a better looking front bumper cover.
I'm waiting for Saleen to modify a Fiesta!:D
Steeda has a strut tower brace for the Fiesta on the shelf now! Borla's cat-back exhaust system should be out in few months. H&R has springs and a coil-over kit listed. I'm waiting for Ford Racing to release their stuff.
I'm really hoping someone will come out with a fog light kit.
^ Give me that over all the others. Gotta have Fogs on a car.
I'm waiting for Saleen to modify a Fiesta!:D
I would not be holding out for a Saleen model anytime soon.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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