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So I want to make some changes to my fiesta to up the MPG. getting closer to 40MPG would be nice. I drive 90% highway BTW.
My fiesta is a 2019 S 5 speed M sedan

Right now the car has a CAI, 2.25" cat back and stock alloy wheels witch helped a little. I'm getting about 36-37mpg right now.

Has anyone removed the back seat in the car? I would love to have the extra cargo space but at the same time I don't want to expose wires that could be damaged. Can just the back part be removed?

I'm about due for new tires, any suggestions ? what about moving from 185/60/15 to 175/65/15?

Oils. I'm in Ohio, winter is cold an summer is hardly over 75f. Would anyone have any thoughts on a thinner oil like 0w16 in the winter?

Back tire skirts? does anyone know of any off the shelf? Or would I have to go DIY ?
Any other airo stuff out there? Or is that all DIY

What about dropping the car a little?

Any other ideas?


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I'm new to this forum and by no means a mechanic but I have been seeing a lot of ads for throttle controllers that have really nice ratings. They have multiple settings including eco which raises your mpg, along with sport which makes your throttle more responsive. I haven't got one yet but I plan to. The one I have seen the most is called RoarPedal.
As for the tires I am looking at buying 205/45r17 so I can have a bigger rim and small tire while still getting clearance. The issue with that is that almost all those rims are 5 stud and I need 4 stud so I'm going to have to get a wheel hub adapter.
I just straight piped mine so idk about exhaust systems. I cannot find any body kits whatsoever though and might just make my own.
last thing, today I put Vivvid tint on my tail lights and I love how they look its definitely worth tinting them.

Hope this helps somehow!
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