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Pushing for more MPG. Need advice.

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So I want to make some changes to my fiesta to up the MPG. getting closer to 40MPG would be nice. I drive 90% highway BTW.
My fiesta is a 2019 S 5 speed M sedan

Right now the car has a CAI, 2.25" cat back and stock alloy wheels witch helped a little. I'm getting about 36-37mpg right now.

Has anyone removed the back seat in the car? I would love to have the extra cargo space but at the same time I don't want to expose wires that could be damaged. Can just the back part be removed?

I'm about due for new tires, any suggestions ? what about moving from 185/60/15 to 175/65/15?

Oils. I'm in Ohio, winter is cold an summer is hardly over 75f. Would anyone have any thoughts on a thinner oil like 0w16 in the winter?

Back tire skirts? does anyone know of any off the shelf? Or would I have to go DIY ?
Any other airo stuff out there? Or is that all DIY

What about dropping the car a little?

Any other ideas?

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I'm new to this forum and by no means a mechanic but I have been seeing a lot of ads for throttle controllers that have really nice ratings. They have multiple settings including eco which raises your mpg, along with sport which makes your throttle more responsive. I haven't got one yet but I plan to. The one I have seen the most is called RoarPedal.
As for the tires I am looking at buying 205/45r17 so I can have a bigger rim and small tire while still getting clearance. The issue with that is that almost all those rims are 5 stud and I need 4 stud so I'm going to have to get a wheel hub adapter.
I just straight piped mine so idk about exhaust systems. I cannot find any body kits whatsoever though and might just make my own.
last thing, today I put Vivvid tint on my tail lights and I love how they look its definitely worth tinting them.

Hope this helps somehow!
Back wheel skirts is a no go. the profile of the wheels sticks out too much.
I'm going to install a partial grill blocker and see what it does.
Back wheel skirts is a no go. the profile of the wheels sticks out too much.
I'm going to install a partial grill blocker and see what it does.
these cars are optimized for mpg from the factory. Stop chasing after the wind for maybe 1 mpg increase
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Consider adapting thermostatically controlled grille shutters from sfe model.

also gas saving tire like Bridgestone ecopia.
5 Speed? The MPG is in your own hands, then. Don't goose it into higher RPMs before shifting into the next gear and after 5th gear. Follow the upshift light, or even shift earlier, if not going up a hill, at around 1500 - 2000 RPMs. You could get up to 44 MPG, or so, out of it. Also, a cold air intake, ran out the bumper, not in a hot engine bay, will help improve MPG. - Along with changing the oil, filter, spark plugs, tires, etc. at the recommended intervals.

Never use thinner oil.
I use Valvoline Max Life full synthetic, with an oil filter made specifically for synthetic oil. I put in a quart less oil then add a quart of Lucas, since she has a bit over 95k miles on her now.

Don't use different size tires, unless you want your speedometer to be off. Smaller tires will make it register speeds higher than you're actually going. It will handle differently and be lower to the ground, as well. They're low enough already, imo.
Mine scrubs under the front bumper on dips, from time to time.
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