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I think sometime this year I'm going to say bye to my 2012 manual transmission Fiesta. I've enjoyed a fairly reliable 30-32 mpg in Bay Area stop-and-go traffic. I can still get 36-38 mpg plus on the highway, if I am careful to inflate the tires first. So it's been fine but its not a particularly fun drive and just does not compete on the road, not enough pickup. And Kelley Blue Book trade in value is barely $1500 or so. I'd bought it based on:

1) affordability; it was about $12K in 2014 at Car Max.
2) needed good gas mileage
3) my friend's assurance that recent model American cars were a decent choice

I recently bought my son a Sonata and it's a much more fun drive. So, sometime this year I'm planning on replacing the Fiesta. I'll most likely go to car max and finance half of $20-$30K price.

Should I get a Mustang or a Sonata or a crossover SUV? Or an Optima?

What do ladies like most for a man to drive?

My considerations and some other questions:
1) I dislike hatchbacks, unless in some sort of SUV format for the height
2) I would not mind a pickup truck but I really have no need for it
3) I don't like the ridiculously squarish vehicles unless it were a straight Jeep or something classic, so no Nissan Cube or Kia Soul...
4) So if I want to SUV, I'm thinking crossover so it will look a bit faster and those seem fashionable
5) I like a Mustang and the prices at CarMax seem reasonable. What's the downside of such a used vehicle? If they were formal rentals what's the shortcomings?
6) If I go the sports car route, choices besides a mustang?
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