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should I NOT buy? 2011 Manual transmission 152k miles

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Hi all, new member and likely will acquire a Fiesta soon.

I took a test drive over the weekend... this purchase is from a single owner "friend" who has generally taken care of the car himself. But some concerns that he shared and I additionally noticed:

Front end has clunks and bumps in both directions. I am not qualified to diagnose but I expect ball joints, tie rods, a frame etc, and we have rough roads here in michigan.

Shifter is really tight between gears, takes muscle so not sure what is up there but linkage maybe?

NO AC, apparently there is a known leak and several seals changed but has not solved the problem and will leak.

Air Bag light is on, not sure what thats about and have not yet asked.

I could not get low beams to work, blue light for brights would come on but would cycle to off, and no headlight beam to speak of.

I am generally mechanically inclined but cant really do my own diagnosing, this car to the best of my knowledge is all original parts etc, though he said he did follow manual maintenance schedule.. so I could be somewhat wrong but he states no major repairs.

Does anyone have any experience or advice to give regarding above issues, including potential cost etc? This will be my first "modern" FORD have been all GM's to this point. Any and all advice is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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The clunking is probably the bearing on the top of the struts. The bearings usually go bad at about 50k miles. Replacing the struts and installing new strut components should fix that problem. The sway bar links also go bad at about the same mileage. This will give a rattling sound when going over bump. When you replace the struts, you will want to replace the sway bar links. The stiff shifter is caused by swelling of the plastic sleeve bearing on the shifter linkage on the front of the transmission. The shifter linkage is relatively easy to access and remove. It needs to be reamed with a 10 mm reamer and then re-greased before reassembly. The electrical problems may be caused by corrosion in the fuse box. This is a common problem on early model Fiestas. You could try removing each fuse and relay and spray the contacts in the fuse box with electrical contact cleaner and then install all new fuses and relays. If the fuse box is too badly corroded, you may need to replace the whole fuse box. The costs of these repairs will depend on whether you do the work yourself or take it to a mechanic. The parts for the struts will cost about $300. The sway bar links cost about $15 each. The cost of a set of fuses and relays is less than $100. If you take it to a mechanic, expect to be charged about $100 per hour for labor.
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Thanks for feedback!! I did commit to buying the Vehicle but have not gotten into any service related components or repairs at this point.. will
Look deeper with warmer Weather coming. :)

There’s a new ford tech bulletin they will do fuses for free again see my other posts
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