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Should we start hoarding parts now before its too late?

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I have an MK7 Fiesta SE hatchback with a 5 speed manual, and since our car has been discontinued, would it be wise to accumulate key parts now before they are no longer available? For example, I just purchased a clutch kit because if I ever need to replace my clutch, I would want an OEM version and I'm afraid that in 4-5 years the OEM clutch will disappear from the market. I also have a full OEM catback exhaust from the ST that I got on ebay and its sitting up in my attic just in case. Am I just being paranoid?
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No you're not just being paranoid, some ST owners are asking similar questions... but it probably won't be actually hard to find parts in practice until 2035 and after, with the amount of these on the road, aftermarket\OEM sellers, parts available from junkyards, etc.
Well I went to a Ford Dealer to buy some simple CV nuts . spoke to counter guy a bit he said they don’t get many Fiesta parts requests other than some for the ST . He eluded that “they just aren’t that popular here “ Suburbs of Chicago area” . I too have the 5 speed and not too many parts for that either . But Rock Auto had many options of clutches a few years ago . Ford seem to have multiple models that “match” the parts on the fiesta . A blower model for example is used on the Edge and Front end parts on the Mazda 3 . I was able to get tie rod ends local at O Riley’s . Some after market parts just don’t exist and some parts are already discontinued by Ford and had to get on EBay. They weren’t too costly just a lot of “ fun” hunting down . Good thing I have another daily to use . I don’t know if need to hoard quite yet .
I would let your pocket book be your guide . I mean impossible to predict what you’ll need for sure Why not just keep your $ and just pay a little more when you need something specific for the right $ you can get it . Remember this is popular overseas just not here in the US
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Generally, if you aren't running a 1.0 car I don't think I'd worry. I've picked up spares of the two most troublesome bits on the ecoboost that were tough to find at times earlier in their lifespans, but the rest of the car is pretty easy to source for.
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