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Hi, I'm driving a 1.4LX manual 2011 ford fiesta (MK7). My AC has recently started giving me problems and I'm thinking it might be linked to/caused by my alternator. Hope you guys can give me some advice or a solution from past experience with similar problem.

My AC compressor runs and the air is cold but it is inconsistent (during the same drive). And I notice that when it isn't cold the reading of my alternator voltage would be fluctuating between 13.4 to 13.6 which isn't normal, my normal voltage reading while AC on would be 13.7 to 13.8 consistently. My normal alternator voltage reading with the AC off is between 13.8 to 13.9.

My battery is only 18 mths old so I don't think that's the problem. I've never experienced difficulties during start up or the battery dying on me while vehicle running. But I did have a battery warning light come on once 2 weeks back (can't remember the voltage reading when this happened). As I was in a rush then, i simply switched the engine off and went about with my things. An hour later, I came back and started my car thinking that I'd have problems doing so but it didn't. Never since did anymore battery warnings come on.

I've brought my car to a mechanic to look at my alternator and he says that I might have a weakening alternator (wihtout any physical checks on it) and I've also sent my car to a AC specialist who told me it is my AC compressor that's causing me all these problems. I agree that my compressor could be the cause of my problems bcos it has been really noisy for the last 8 to 9 mths (noisy but still cold), but the things is, the explanation given to me in regards to my alternator voltage dropping so low when the compressor comes on doesn't really satisfy me. I could be very wrong but I somehow have this feeling that my alternator is causing my compressor to misbehave rather than the other way around.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read my post and all comments, advice or help would be very much appreciated. If further info/clarifications needed on the problem I'm facing, pls do not hesitate to send me a msg.
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