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Spy Shots: Ford Fiesta Sedan for U.S. caught testing

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Ford has already released 100 Euro-market Ford Fiesta hatchbacks into the hands of its Fiesta Movement ambassadors, but the actual production model being developed for the U.S. will have some differences, as these spy shots indicate. For one, the U.S. will have a sedan model in addition to the two- and four-door hatchback. If you peruse the gallery below, you'll notice the sedan gets a large trunk with a high decklid. The extra cargo capacity adds some rear overhang, but it appears to integrate nicely with Ford's overall design.

[Photos: KGP Photography]
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hmmm, those spy pics of the sedan are different than the ones posted a few weeks ago. I see the turn signals in the mirror are gone. This one has two radio antenna's, and I assume we will get stuck with the rear one. Sad, I was really hoping not to see this kind of stuff going on. I know these are just spy pics, but the direction of the changes is not good.

I do spot A-pillar gauges, suggesting the car may be running something different under the hood. A temp gauge makes sense due to all of the camo.
Yay for Focus wagon wheels. lol. Looks pretty cool.

What a difference, from visually exciting premium looking FiestaMovement hatches to low rent looking sedan.
Yes it is a mule, but like BRGT350 says the direction is looking very familar.Decontenting is apparent and also looks like the 3 bar grille still has some life in it.
Well I hope this calms allot of fears that the car will look like a pack mule. So far, so good.:)
The grille is starting to look like something Acura would do.
yeah, that is correct. I was in front of a new Acura yesterday morning and noticed how bad it looks. I actually lost sleep over those spy pics.
I had hoped the US grille will end up like the R2 rally Fiesta with what appeared to be a larger upper opening. Then I saw the close-up of that grille in the other thread which appears to show the enlarged grille is nothing more than some blackout appearance applied around the existing European grille. And of course these photos make the grille appear different although I am not entirely sure what's happening with it. The three-bars seem to be very closely spaced leaving a rather large opening below down to what seems to be the bottom of the grille (the lowest bright white line above the middle black bra strip). Someone made this (link) photoshop of the projected appearance that could be close.

Personally, I hope the upper opening isn't that large and that the lower opening retains the small section above the license plate; although, since not all US states require the front plate maybe the entire lower opening will be open and it will just be an option to get a front mount. Also, with the photoshop I linked, I hope the foglights don't get turned into Fusion-esque deals either, the simple round Euro Fiesta doesn't just fine.
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Not to over analyze this too much, but I'm thinking these headlights are also different than the Euro projector beams. Maybe they are the low spec non-projector halogen units? I definitely wouldn't be surprised if those are the entry level lights although hopefully the projectors will be available as an option given their superior looks.

It would be sad to see the taillights get changed as well--keep the taillight red with amber turn signals please.

You are not wrong to be focusing on the questionable reasons WHY Dearborn seems to continue to fiddle with a proven excellent design.

Ford, if it ain't broke DON'T try and "fix" it. Thank you!

One other thought. I don't believe that the Euro spec cars only have projector beams, actually only upper trim levels in Europe will get them. The euro spec free form reflectors are probably fine for the USA the only thing Ford should have to do is have them DOT tested and approved. You will notice that they have a small running lamp 5watts designed into the highbeam reflector, that is also used for the single side parking lamp function.
I also remember reading somewhere that the US Fiesta will have totally new optics but use the same housing as the international models. Hopefully the white line showing in the headlights in these photos is just disguise.
I also remember reading somewhere that the US Fiesta will have totally new optics but use the same housing as the international models. Hopefully the white line showing in the headlights in these photos is just disguise.
All Ford does is really slightly redesign the free-form reflectors from the E code standard, not a hard job at all, slightly different geometry in the fluting of the low beam reflector, they probably don't alter the high beam reflector at all.

That may be somewhat of a necessity due to our outdated DOT rules that say that the beam cut off must be allowed to light the upper side of the shoulder of the road to light road signs..although this was mandated in the days when signs didn't use reflective paint about 50 years ago!!!!!!

Today most US HLs are a hybrid of euro and US specifications that DOT agrees to accept they are better than lights of a decade ago but still not as good as the modern E code lamps.
Here are pictures of probably a newer Fiesta: it doesn't have rivits, but do have blinkers in the mirrors! (and a white fuel cap instead of black): Photo Gallery here

Also I adjusted the gamma on the picture to get a better look at the grille:
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Hopefully even if it is too late to change the design of the grill with those ugly bars, they will use matt black paint on the bars and keep the chrome surround, that wouldn't be too bad on the sedan. I hope they didn't use this grill on the HB version because it clearly doesn't belong there!
Notice any similarities here? :D

Either Ford is using the parts from the early prototype to trick people during testing, OR we have already been given a sneak peak at exactly what this car will look like.

Sadly, only time will tell! :D

The Article with the picture
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many production ready concepts are made after the actual car has been approved. With that said, the Verve sedan concept was most likely modeled after the production US car. I see another chrome bar on the top of the lower air intake under the camo, that is not shown on the Verve sedan. The more pictures I see of the Verve sedan and the camo, the less I like the new nose. Unlike the Focus, there are too many changes to just swap out grilles to the proper one. I have ran the EU grille on both of my Foci since 2000. The Fiesta looks to have a different hood and bumper cover. Trying to install the proper EU parts is going to be hard and expensive! My plan is to buy a white one, so the nasty chrome won't stick out as much.
I'm hoping that what we are seeing under that bra is part of the disguise, but I'm not too hopeful, the sedan looks like a write off. And unless Mark Kleis can get seating design and engineering to redux the seats identical to the euro spec with only a slightly wider bottom cushion retaining the same cushion thickness and bolsters, I 'm thinking I might not be looking at the Fiesta HB either.

My next car could be a FIAT 500, or Grande Punto, or VW Polo? I wonder. Sorry to see the Fiesta out of the running if they don't make a few last minute changes to retain the cars Euro character.
I am starting to feel the same way, there are just too many changes in the wrong direction for the US Fiesta. I won't make my final decision until seeing the US car in person, and driving one. Mucking up the suspension and the looks are 2 big turn offs for me. I could live with changing the seats, and minor little tweaks. Adding a Fusion grille and Crown Vic-style soft suspension will have me looking someplace else.
New shots:

Ford Motor Company News - FoMoCoNews - View Single Post - GMfan1111 goes deep into dearborn to see what he could find

This one is red with big blacked-out rims I haven't seen before. Looking better all the time. :cool:
This one is red with big blacked-out rims I haven't seen before. Looking better all the time. :cool:
i don't like the flat black door handles though...
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