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Hi guys,
Please don't kill me, this is my first forum post so I'm sure it's not right or stuck in the right area.

So I've had my 2019 Sedan for about 6 months now, and I love it for the most part. The one thing that I am working on changing is the stock Sync system, which is, extremely lacking. I get that I could just stick an aftermarket stereo in, but I'm trying to keep it as "OEM feeling" as possible with the upgrades. In all my past vehicles I've swapped out the audio components, but they were older years (2000-2003). I am having some trouble with figuring all this out. I wouldn't say I'm in over my head, yet, I've just never dealt with something... so tied into the car itself.

I've sourced a bit of the upgrade parts from an older Fiesta SE with the 6.5 inch Sync 3 system, a 2016 if I'm not mistaken. Actually was lucky enough to stumble upon the screen & APIM being sold together, and was able to snag the FCIM from the same vehicle. While I was at it, I grabbed a Fakra GPS Antenna and the most recent USB hub from a few other sources just so I could get most of the parts I might need. I have read, which is the one of the things that seems to be agreed upon many forum posts, is that the connector ends are hard to source so I went ahead and grabbed a generic 4" to 8" conversion harness that I could tear down.

The parts I have purchased:
APIM & Screen: G1BT-14G370-BL
FCIM/Control Panel
Upgraded USB Hub: HC3Z-19A387-B
Fakra GPS Antenna
4" to 8" Harness w/USB power (Can be torn down and wires re-ran)

I'm not too worried about finding the screen shroud at the moment.

I understand that I'll have to program the APIM with Forscan after I get it and all the parts, the point of this post is to ask if anyone has any tips, advice, straight-forward write ups they could share or link me to for wiring this thing in place of the MFT system(Sync 1). Any and all advice would be welcome! Like I said, I would love to think I'm not in over my head... yet. 馃槄

Thanks in advance!!

EDIT 1: I've been studying a previous conversion thread, I'll link here.
EDIT 2: I've also watched this video for pointers too, linked here.
EDIT 3: I've found another thread that lists the wiring, some parts are confusing but I'm going to do my best to work with, linked here.

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Whelp, its all slapped in, a little half hazardly, but its working. I'll do sort of a write up on the whole process for anyone thats interested. Thank God for sync3programming, my Forscan skills are a little... undesirable.

If anyone has done the swap successfully, I do have two DTCs from my IPC, U0257 - Lost communication with the front controls display/interface module. If anyone has any advice for those that would greatly appreciated.

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I updated my CC programming and that cleared the IPC codes. Now I have a BdyCM code being thrown, U2102, Control Module Configuration Incompatible, so time to tackle that one.

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Hi guys

I wont upgrade from Sync 1 to Sync 3 but i need the mouts they are fixed on the screen with the screws.
Have anyone the partnumber?!
I think i have see this parts but i dont no where 馃ぃ
Are these the right mounts? Ford Fiesta Sync 3 bracket by consp
When yes then i have a job for my brother and his printer 馃榿

Thanks guys and hae a good day
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