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I have a 2011 Fiesta SES with Sync 1 (with latest update v4.6) and low mileage (~47k) and, since It defaults back to line in with each start up and I started getting tired of saying “Bluetooth Audio” nearly every time I wanted to listen to audio, I tried to find practical solutions to more quickly connect to my phone (iPhone) and play music and podcasts. So, I thought, since Sync defaults to line in, I could connect an Echo Auto to the line in, have my phone automatically connect to the Echo Auto via Bluetooth, and it would be ready to go each time I turn on the car. Unfortunately, Sync is still finicky — only about 40% of the time will it be ready to play the sound through the 3.5mm jack when I turn on the radio. To fix it, I just have to turn off the radio and turn it back on again, and then I’ll hear the sound. I even got this issue when connecting a phone directly to the aux and taking Alexa out of the loop. Since the AUX isn’t consistently playing sound and requires a radio restart to work, I may as well stick to connecting my phone to Sync via Bluetooth and saying “Bluetooth Audio” every time.

Does anyone else have a solution or do I need to live with it or get an Android head unit sometime in the future?

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