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Thank you Mark Kleis....

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For letting us drive your Faction car at the FSWerks Dyno Day on Saturday.

We're hook, line, and sinker with this car. :p I'm going to order one from Allan at Barber Ford as as soon as we're able to. :D

Robb is processing the pics I took with him driving (just a few) but it shows just how much leg room he has in that car. He didn't even have the seat back all the way. Pretty damn amazing for a guy who's 6'5" tall.

Anyways - Thanks!

(you're much nicer in person, btw lol ;) ).
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Yes! Thanks!

Thanks You! I'm sold also, but i'm keeping my eye on that Ghia model. But I would enjoy a leather model. What type of rims do you have on that bad boy?
Haha, thanks.

I'm a nice guy, I swear, I just don't like people bashing the blue oval :D
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