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The Sounds of the 1.6l Ti-VCT

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Here is a Fiesta agent (Jeremy T) that has captured the IMO super sound of the 1.6l Ti-VCT being rung out

As he says , its not fast but its fun.

I like these videos were there is not distracting music in the background and can actually here the car.

Some more vids like this would be appreciate, and try to keep the background music and comments limited, lets here some more Ti-VCT @ 6,000rpms
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So what it is TI-VCT anyway? (variable cam timing?) Is this something similar to the old svt focus, where it "switches over" to a new cam profile at a certain RPM? It sounds cool in the video. Is it similar to vtec in a honda (I hate to ask that)? Thanks.
I haven't been ragging on mine too much (was trying to see the MPG), but I got on it a bit the other day and I was really happy with the sound. I stand by what I posted on FF- a quality exhaust on this car could sound great w/o being ricey /methinks.
Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing

Fords write up - known as Ti-VCT, which operates on both the intake and exhaust camshaft improves airflow through the engine and delivers more torque while reducing average fuel consumption by up to 5 per cent..

Myself I do not how it works, all I can say is from my personal experience with this engine in my Focus is that the range of torque is much stronger between 2000 and 6000rpm in comparison to my older Focus 1.6l SE. The torque doesn't fall off once in the higher rpm range. Gives me a sense of a strong well built engine, but at the same time I get better mpg, and more power then my older 1.6l SE.
The torque curve in the 1.6 Ti-VCT is astoundingly awesome. I take some back road twisties to my GF's house quite often and in places where I had to downshift into 4th in my 2.0 Focus, I can keep cruising in 5th with no hint of needing to downshift.

I find this true across all gears... it is great because I find myself needing to shift less often than in my Focus.

The gearing must also play a role, too. I find 1st gear to be longer and more useable in the Fiesta than my Focus for sure. I also go to higher speeds before shifting the Fiesta on a gear by gear comparison.
So the shift point is higher - say around 6500 - as compared to 5300 in focus? Cool.
Shift point is higher, AND it more power (at least it feels that way) throughout the RPM band.
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