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The US-Spec Hatchback Spied

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Well, it does exist after all. Here's a Fiesta hatchback testing in the US wearing the same front and rear camo as the sedans we've been seeing.

Photo Gallery

Hopefully it will start production the same day as the sedan: April, 26 2010.
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I'll throw in my assessment of the hatch since it's the first look at a 5-door mule we've had. Obviously, any or all of the parts could be for testing purposes only, but here goes.

First thing to catch my eye was the chrome trim along the lower window sill abruptly ending on the rear door and not following the rear side window up to the angle on the C-pillar as does the European version. It looks poor in this exercise so hopefully the chrome will be continued onto the side window for the models with chrome, or maybe some models won't have this chrome at all.

It's hard to tell too much about the taillights or bumper, but the lights seem to at least have the possibility of being the same as the EU version (the article suggests otherwise, but what a tragedy a single red turn/brake/tail setup would be). The rear bumper doesn't look much longer either. I will hope the side mirror has the incorporated turn signal, but it seems it could be blacked out on this mule.

Also, it looks like there's a moonroof just in sight which would be a nice feature though sure to be packaged with who knows what other options that may or may not be desired. And the Focus wheel keep finding uses--as long as they run out their welcome before the production Fiestas show up.

I continue to hope for the best with the production US Fiesta--pictures like these bring out the excitement and anxiety of all that Ford could potentially hit a home run with vs. decontenting to oblivion.
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It's hard to tell too much about the taillights or bumper, but the lights seem to at least have the possibility of being the same as the EU version (the article suggests otherwise, but what a tragedy a single red turn/brake/tail setup would be).

Looks okay to me.
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After looking closer at the rear taillights, they look to be close to the EU version. I thought they were like the older Fusion's, but I think it is just a trick of the camo. The good news is that the rear overhang is not excessive, and is much less than I would have figured.

Things that concern me;
The removal of the turn signals from the mirrors. I really like the added safety of having signals up high and more towards the center of the car. They don't change the styling of the car, just add extra safety.

Why is the dash covered? It is hard to tell what is going on under the cover.

Since the car is clearly a mule, I have no concerns about the mismatching window trim and Focus wheels. When I was at Ford I saw a Mondeo parked outside an office that was full of all different colored body panels. The car looked worn, but I knew it was a mule of some kind.
I certainly hope this won't be decontented

If they hope to sell any of the fiestas in Canada, they damn well better make a decent hatch or wagon..mmmmmm wagon fiesta.. :D

I certainly don't want them to swap out the dash too... by the time this car hits, my wife will be done school and the Focus will be getting long in the tooth, and we'll want to get a second car, preferably newer, or brand new.

Side note, anyone have any idea if these will fit baby seats at all?

The rear should fit baby seats with no issues. Some of the agents have small children and received the ISOFIX adapter for the child seats. I don't have any children, so I did not get the ISOFIX thing. Width wise, the Fiesta is not that much smaller than the Focus.
Fantastic news.. I'm really hoping to convince my wife that our next car should be a fiesta, as I'm a huge fan of small cars, and others that I love (including the fit and fiat 500), she isn't so crazy about. If there is no hatch, however, there is no purchase, end of story.

I actually don't mind the Focus wheels on the Fiesta terribly, but I hope they have some more attractive and proportionate wheels on offer when the car debuts.
Bryan, just curious, what other B-segment car are you considering?
For the love of pete they're using Focus Rims, bye bye any of the stylish 16x6.5 Rims.
Mark, the only B segment car I want is the Fiesta. I don't care for the look of the Fit, the Aveo and Yaris are way to cheap for me, the Versa is ugly, and there just isn't anything else in that segment I care for. The Fiesta is exactly what I want for size, quality, performance, and looks. The only other cars I have been interested in are a Mini Cooper S (Love the car, hate the dash), possibly the new Mitsu Lancer Sportback, or wait for the next gen Focus. The Mini is nice, but the interior is not as nice as my SVT Focus. The Lancer Sportback is getting pricey when I add everything I want, and the car is much larger than I want. The next gen Focus may be bigger than I want.
Who keeps the stock rims anyway? Seriously?
Because the Fiesta has some descent stylish stock rims if you haven't seen all the rim choices for the European/Asian Fiesta. Also who says you have to buy aftermarket rims? Is there some sort of written rule in owning a car that says that?
the wheels on the Fiesta are only on there because they are a stock item at Ford. The production car won't be coming with left over Focus wheels, this has been covered many times. The European Spec wheels/tires are not coming here either, since the EU Spec tires are for summer only. Since I am strange, I would actually prefer a summer only tire and a snow tire, since that is what I have been doing for the past 10 years. Since Americans don't enjoy swapping wheels/tires all the time, the US Fiesta will come with all season tires. Since the Focus comes with those tires, it makes sense to borrow some wheel/tires from the Focus for testing. We may get the EU wheels, but they will have piss-poor all season tires. 98% of all car buyers don't care, and the 2% have the Tire Rack on speed dial. I am one of those 2%. At one time my ZX3 had snow tires, summer tires, dry R-compounds, and wet R-compounds. 4 sets of wheels and tires for one car that was daily driven. My SVT Focus has three sets, one summer mounted on custom made Axis wheels, stock EAP wheels and tires, and a set of snowies. My Mustang also has many sets of tires, so you get the idea that I like having many options for my equipment. Nobody else does this if they are sane.
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I don't know.. I think that sounds pretty sane to me... I only run 2 sets though, on one car, so you might be right. I'm fairly jealous of your options, that's for sure.

I wish you could specifiy tires from the factory, as it is my practice to buy aftermarket for my summer/all-seasons (I live in a region where there is a lot of in-between weather, where a summer tire would get you killed), and keep stock wheels for winter. If I could specify that winter tires come on the wheels that the car ships with, that would be great.
I am sure I will get the smallest wheels with the highest trim level as I can, with the thought of tossing the all seasons and putting snow tires on. I may keep my Focus winter wheels/tires and the summer set for the Fiesta. I don't care for the SVT EAP wheels, so those will sell with the Focus. I would just end up with an extra set of Fiesta wheels if I did that. I do agree with you that it would be nice if you could order either summer, winter, or all season tires from the factory.
My apologies on joking about the Focus wheels and having that continue to linger. I know those wheels won't be the ones showing up in around 9 months, but I do worry if the great 7-spoke 16" EU wheels will be among the US options. They probably aren't all that light, but the summer/winter tire and wheel sets may not be part of the budget right away.

Also, wanted to share what is being said over at Blue Oval Forums regarding the latest spy photos (Link).

BORG had this to say: "The grille doesn't look like a Mach 3 razor, instead it's completely non-descript, just a standard horizontal smiley face grille. Essentially the big difference with the Euro Fiesta is that the emphasis is on the lower intake, and the US swaps it around to the upper 'faux' grille because the bumper has to meet govt. specs. I'm not sure why Ford had to make such a substantial change to the NA Fiesta fascia, no other global maker has to do this (Unless ths is a combination of govt. reg and consumer research).

In any case, I have a feeling people are going to be very disappointed by the look of the new car, it's much more bland in US form."

I'll be glad when the official unveiling finally gets here--getting tired of wondering if this is really going to be my next car or not.
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Its because the US market is so messed up with Safety Standards in part due to Canada. But this is also North America where things have to be different from Europe. I seriously hope the Euro Fiesta Rims come over to the US because there are several that I like very much. I think the front fascia is going to be similar to that of the 05-07 Style focus with mesh being there rather than chrome bars but still I do not think it will be that difficult in all seriousness to put a Euro front end on with minimal modifications to the hood to accomodate the badge. Thats what is upsetting me the most really is that they're going to be getting rid of many options that I want in a car especially a hatch.
From the spy pics, I was also noticing the lower grille is completely different, with no visual similarities to the EU Fiesta. That is one of my favorite design elements of the car, and it may be going away. I have seen a number of pictures of the front bumper where the gaffers tape is falling off, and the everything above the spot for the EU license plate is body color on the US models.
This is more than likely why I will not be getting a Fiesta.
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