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Hello everyone,

So once again I'm back with issues.

I've been getting an odd sound from my car in the transmission/engine area. When my foot is off the clutch, and driving at a low rpm (usually 2-3k) you would hear what sounds like a whine/grind. Hell, putting the car in neutral and revving it to those rpms would give this sound.

Now I have been speaking in present terms, but the issue is the car has been at my dealer for about 2 weeks now. They have told me it's a clutch issue. Normally I would replace it and be done... but here's the issue.. UC Browser

I have an extended warranty at the dealer (I called ford and they can't see it?!) and they have done work under that warranty in the past. In fact, my clutch system has already been replaced TWICE ever since my engine blew up because of that recall that happened (which was replaced under warranty, and I didn't get the recall notice until the car was at the dealer for the issue). My last replacement was in March. Now I don't drive this car hard by any means (I don't track or launch thi thing, it is my DD. Worst is accelerating), and it's clear I haven't had any clutch issues until AFTER the engine replacement. I'm grasping at straws here because the dealer i saying Ford is denying my warranty repair because the clutch shows signs of abuse. Yet the previous two times, there was no issue? SHAREit

There has to be some underlying issue that is killing my clutch system, the problem is I don't know what. The dealer wants to charge me $1,600 for this repair. And right now, that would put me in a financially difficult situaiton, ESPECIALLY since I know the clutch system will probably get ****ed up again soon. Appvn

Anyone have any idea what would could be killing my clutch system? And maybe any route I can take to try and resolve this issue with either Ford or my dealer? This whole thing is stressing me out, and I'm at the point where after I figure out what to do, I'm probably going to get rid of this car and never look at Ford again :(

I REALLY love this car, but this experience the past year has been nothing but stressful.
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