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Up-Close details on the X-Games Fiestas

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Hey Fiesta peeps, Dave Coleman here, formerly of Sport Compact Car, now, well, not...

I had a chance to talk to Andreas Ericsson at X-games about his Fiestas and get al kinds of gory details on what makes them work. If you're interested, the story is over here: Inside the 800-hp Olsbergs Fiestas - update 1 > MotoIQ > Magazine Articles

I'll be doing some follow-up interviews with Ericsson, so if you want to know anything specific about it, let me know and I can ask him.

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Welcome to the Fiesta Faction! I am glad to see you are still involved with automotive writing since SCC went away. My brother and I always enjoyed your articles.
That is by far one of the very best articles I have read in a long time! Packed full of geeky racecar tech that only Dave Coleman can provide. Everyone, take a minute and read it and drool over the pictures. Outstanding attention to detail!
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