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Want to go to SEMA as a part of the Fiesta Movement?

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I am looking for somebody to my eyes and ears at the SEMA show next month! Due to my lack of vacation time, I need to find 4 people who want to be guests of the Fiesta Movement and check out the show. Interested? Well, here is what you need to do. Compose a paragraph saying why I should pick you for this opportunity. Since you are going to be my eyes and ears for the show, I will be looking for people who are like me. Qualifications will include a high interest in the new Fiesta, passion for racing, busted knuckles from wrenching on your car, an eye for outstanding design and craftsmanship, and finally, have experience racing your car. I want the most die-hard compact Ford fans to take my place! If this is you, then tell me in a post. If you have an application video from the Fiesta Movement, post that up as well! The final 4 will be judged by me, my brother, and my wife. We will be looking for people who share my passions, and will take my place at the SEMA show. All travel and accommodations will be for you to handle, but this is a once in a lifetime chance to go to SEMA. I have dreamed of this show my entire life, and it kills me not to be able to go. My loss is your gain!

The SEMA show is November 3-6 in Las Vegas, Nevada. All posts must be submitted by October 23rd, and voting will take place on the 24th. All winners will be notified on the 25th so I can let Mission Control know who the lucky ones are by Monday.

Oh, did I mention that Ford is the featured manufacture for this years show? Yeah, so if you are a die hard blue oval fan, you need to be there!

You have your challenge, now post a paragraph telling me why you should be picked to represent me at this years SEMA show.

Good luck!
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The people who win, do they get passes like the "Friends of Ford" passes that are good for the 3rd and 4th only, or is it for the 3rd through the 6th?
my email from mission control says 3-6, and this is slightly different than the "Friends of Ford" that Ron posted. This more of a "guest of the Fiesta Movement" program.
Damn I wish I could go seriously. But my vacation is reserved for Daytona in Feb.
Great idea Bryan! I would love to apply but I don't meet all of the prerequisites for one and don't have time to leave for almost a week. I wasn't the ideal Fiesta Movement agent either, but that didn't stop me from submitting an essay based application with hopes for completing a video at a later date. Turns out I never had time and med school puts a damper on such things.

Anyway, it's too bad you and your brother aren't able to go yourselves because your perspective is very much appreciated and respected. I hope the chosen winner is able to attain the level of insight and quality that you have shown on these forums as well as in the Fiesta Movement. Good luck all--SEMA will be quite an experience!
As it turns out, I think I have a final exam scheduled for the 5th that I can't get out of either. School and work really get in the way of fun car stuff!

Even if you don't fit every requirement, go ahead and tell me why I should pick you!
The deadline is coming up soon!
I now have 6 passes!
Why you should pick me.

While I don't have all the qualifications you've listed, I am a die hard Ford fan, especially of the smaller Fords.

Perhaps you could pick me based on the one example of my intense interest in compact Fords.

While on a trip to Turkey with the Air National Guard, I had a one day stop in the South of England not long after the new RS had come out. I had good info from a forum that a dealer in Essex had a white Focus RS. I called to confirm and the salesman said it was there and would be picked up at 6pm. We had gotten in late and by the time I got to the dealer, they had closed ant the RS was gone. The whole trip took several taxis and trains with many traffic delays and cost about $150. If a nice couple hadn't showed up at the dealer to look at transit vans, I wouldn't have had a way to call the taxi for the ride back.

I got to see the new Fiesta and a sweet Focus ST and barely caught the last train back to Mildenhall ( I would have been in a lot of trouble had I missed it, in the military it's called being AWOL)

I had to settle for a magazine featuring the RS that I picked up at the train station, but it was still a good adventure and I got to see a bit of England.

I had written a much longer version of this story, but it got erased thanks to the computer logging me off, but it's probably better that way.

Thanks in advance if you feel I deserve to go to the SEMA show, I'm especially interested because of the Ford sponsorship and the Foci that people are taking to put in the show.

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Outstanding story! You are in the running for one of the SEMA passes. I will let you know tomorrow if you are selected.
The deadline to enter is midnight tonight! I will be voting this weekend and winners will be announced on Sunday via PM.
Two tickets please

Hi, would love to go. 48 yr male with spouse. club race a focus now use to run a SRF, been to Gingerman, Pocono, VIR, Lime Rock, Waterford Hills. Going to Englishtown's Raceway Park tomorrow pics from last month are here, type in event date 09/13
I'm the first 3 pics of group three.

I go to Dream Cruise and NY Auto Shows when I can. Born and raised in Detroit (6 mile and Gratiot), witnessed the glory days of street racing, now live in Jersey. I plan to buy the first salvaged Fiesta I can and do a heart transplant, registered Copart buyer. I can return the favor with a free Copart transaction. I have a high end digital camera if pics are needed. Thanks for your consideration.
All Smiles

Thanks to everyone for my selection. I'm super excited and ready to go. I'll take plenty of pics and post them for all.
See you guys at SEMA! Come by the Meguiar's Car Crazy area and you will see me hard at work Monday through Thursday detailing cars :D
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