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My 2014 1.0 SFE is dead! my son drives the car now, (or did) and it has 64k miles on it. The car overheated on him a few months back, and now i fear, that the head is warped and gasket is smoked. It turns out, that the turbo coolant return line failed, (on the nipple at the return tank), and leaked out the coolant. FYI, this car has always had the oil changed on time and always with synthetic oil, it tell you this, to let you know, that i take care of the car.
Anyway, I have discovered, the Ford UK has been replacing/repairing/buying back, these cars for this reason, even though they are out of warranty. I contacted Ford US, and they will do nothing except tell me to kick rocks. Fck them, if that's how they are going to be, so beware!
I'm a Ford guy, no more! and I intend to tell the world and I'm starting here.

If Megan(I think that's her name) is still around here, I hope she sees this.
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