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I'll start it off....
2013 Fiesta SE 5dr purchased new with Ford service package.
Currently has 235,000km

Things that broke that likely shouldnt have:
  • Fuse panel corroded...this caused me to lose the headlights in the dead of winter
  • Leaking trunk (source was taped hole in behind the tail lights)
  • Broken drivers seat railing (used metal bearings in a non servicable plastic housing)
  • throttle body
  • Clunk in front end.... replaced all struts with monroe quick struts
  • Hood rusts right at the front due to seam weld
  • Stupid ford reflector in headlight became loose causing the headlight to flicker going down the road
  • Horn bracket...created an annoying rattle that took me well over a year to finally find. It sounded like someone flicking a ruler on a table. It looks like they have upgraded the bracket now

Regular/possibly expected repairs:
  • Catalytic converter
  • Clutch
  • timing belt + related
  • lower control arms
I have actually never owned a vehicle with so many problems. Ford has not fixed the corroded battery issue which is causing issues and the recalll was released almost a year ago. That being said, this will be my last Ford
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