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Who here actually ordered a Fiesta?

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If you did, post what your ordered!

I ordered the following;
White 5-door SES Hatch
5-speed manual
Upgrade package with heated seats, alarm, push-to-start, ect.
Black leather
Metallic Interior package

I will also be getting the Euro Spoiler and 3DCarbon body kit as an accessory when the car arrives.
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So you're getting your indicators in the mirrors! :)
yep. :) Still working on the rear fog idea and a few other special items. Brandon and I have some plans, but won't go into details yet. Really need somebody to make a EU style bumper for the US cars, one with round fog lamps and a huge grille opening. I will be saving my pennies for that :)

My first Fiesta modification begins this weekend when I start to refinish the wheels that are going on the car. They have become stained with brake dust over the years and could use a repaint. I will have them sprayed the same white as the car. As soon as the body kit and spoiler can be ordered, I will get them coming so they can be painted. The car will spend a few days in the garage being modified before being driven. First things to go are the chrome LED fog lamp thingies, SES badge, and 16" wheels.
Having gotten very up close and seeing how the rear bumper is set up on the NA spec fiesta through the H&R Tuner. A rear Foglamp will be very very simple.
I ordered one for myself yesterday

2011 Ford Fiesta
5-dr Hatchback SES(P4F)
Upgrade package (301A)
Blue Flame (SZ)
Black/Blue interior (DU)
Manual Trans (44C)

Upgrades planned, Ford Racing 17" Focus Rally wheels with Michelin Pilot Exalto tires. Paint my chrome bezels Body color with LED bar still working.

I assume it would close to this when done, without the stripe.
It's official. My dealer placed the order Monday based on the info (and deposit) I gave them in December. I'm still waiting for a confirmation.

Here's the specs again:
S trim level
Powershift 6 speed.
Blue Flame Ext./Light Stone Int.

No upgrades planned. I just want a high-tech, fun-to-drive, good looking car that's going to be easy to live with over a long period of time.
I just reserved my Fiesta,

It's a SES hatchback in bright magenta!
5 spd, 301a upgrade package, euro spoiler and 3d carbon body kit.
Really need somebody to make a EU style bumper for the US cars, one with round fog lamps and a huge grille opening.
Hmm... I wonder how... there's a bit of crash stucture in the way :)

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Reserved a blue flame metallic SES hatch 5 speed with rear spoiler, fabric interior wBlue accents, exterior protection and body kit.

Can anyone confirm the bolt pattern of the Fiesta? I held back on getting 17" wheels until I confirm if the car is going to be a familiar bolt pattern or if it's going to be unique.
Bolt pattern is 4 x 108, just like the Focus.

I think the bumper opening would be the same, but would just have a black peice of plastic extending further up the bumper cover to mimic the EU bumper. Why they did not do this for the US cars is an unknown.

Congrats to those who ordered a new Fiesta! I hope you are all as excited as I am about getting their car this summer.
I so desperately wanted to... but it isn't in my deck of cards financially right now since I just bought my first home. On single (low) income, it isn't possible.

If Ford had given me the job I was looking for... :rolleyes:

Just kidding, well....kind of... :p
Hopefully you will be able to get one soon, perhaps by then they will have an EcoBoost one available. Remember, its for MPG's and not HP :)
Ordered a Black SES Hatch with Powershift Trans,Black Leather,Upgrade Package, Euro Spoiler and Body Kit
What was everyone's pricing that they got with their Fiestas? I know its a new hot car so dealers are pushing MSRP.

So far I've gathered that I'm eligible for the $595 SYNC credit and $500 college student bonus cash.
My dealer says we don't even have to talk price until the VIN Number comes through (maybe April). I'm just beginning to work out my negotiation strategy. It pays to wait until the market conditions become more clear.
I WANT to order one, but I can't afford another car payment until my wife's Tribute is paid off. :(
Trade in the Tribute :)
Tribute is upside down still. Then the Fiesta would be Christie's car, and not mine. She hates driving manuals anyways.
Yeah, I understand. Sara is not really all that happy about me getting the Fiesta, even with all the discounts. She likes having only the Escape for a car payment. Besides our house, the Escape is the only thing we make payments on. :) We will keep the Escape for a few more years until the Kuga comes out, then we will decide on either that or a new Edge. Strangly, those are way more expensive than the Fiesta, but Sara makes more than me, so she gets to spend a little more on her ride.
So I worked out with the local dealer exchanging emails:

19,305 MSRP
18,700 before tax/license and SYNC credit + college discount

They'll order the body kit as soon as it becomes available to order so add another $700. Thinking about pulling the trigger tomorrow or sending out a mass fax to the other dealers around here.
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